Safety Notes

Please Emergency 9-1-1 Information:

Here are a few things to remember throughout the year if you are in the park:

  • If you call 9-1-1 for an ambulance to go to your RV, you need to send someone to the gate to show them the way to your RV space.
  • If you are calling from a cell phone, your call may go to one of several different dispatchers, so please stay calm and answer all their questions. The initial call will go to a law enforcement dispatcher, and for a medical emergency they will transfer you to the EMS services dispatcher for our area.
  • According to the EMS who was at a meeting in 2009, Texas has a “good samaritan” law. Under that law, if you are a bystander in an emergency situation, you will not be liable for damages for efforts to help someone so long as your efforts are in good faith.


Please use sidewalks or walk on the side of the road facing traffic if no walkway is available. Also, please wear something white or reflective if you walk at night. Don’t forget, most of us driving in the park this time of year are not teenagers with sharp vision and quick reflexes!! Be safe and keep your pets safe from us.