(updated – January 13th 2017)

Website Note

We have been working to make this Website more user friendly for both Winter Texans visiting Isla Blanca Park and for the people who post the news and pictures to the site.  To do this we have had some “start up” issues which has resulted in changing the format to the current one after first attempting another one.  We hope this has not inconvenienced anyone, and welcome your feedback on anything we could do to make this better for you.  Old bookmarks for the activities website should now work on this one.

Upcoming Breakfasts and Dinners:

All Breakfasts are served from 7:30 to 9:00 am in the Activity Hall

All Dinner are served at 5:00pm in the Bingo Hall

January 7th Biscuits and Gravy  for $2.50  Biscuits and Gravy and Egg is $4.00

January 13th Spaghetti dinner  for $5.00

January 21st Pancakes and sausage (all you can eat pancakes) $2.50 if you would like extra sausage it is available for a nominal fee. ($.25each)

January 25th All American Dinner (Burgers) $5.00


  • Sunrise Before Breakfast

Park Winter Residents have fun:

If you spend all or part of the “Winter Texan” season at Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island, you will find many activities to enjoy. You will also have a chance to meet new friends and renew old friendships at the park or just sit on the beach and enjoy watching the water. While we will not be adding any more pictures from the 2015 – 2016 season, we will leave some pictures of activities and scenery on this page. To see more, take a look at some of our “Yearbooks” from past seasons. There you will find photos from several years of Winter Texan time at Isla Blanca Park. You can get there from the link below:

Yearbook Home – All Yearbooks


Pictures from the past:

Here are just a few picture from some past years.  Each year brings new adventures and new friends.

Do you know sea beans?
Chili Dinner 2013

Craft Fair 2013
Turtle Rescue 2011




Help Wanted:

If you are interested in helping with photographs for this website or in any way with giving information to be posted, please e-mail me at Isla Blanca Webmaster. You can just click on this link, or if that does not work, use this address in your e-mail: If you take pictures with your phone and want to send them to me to be included, just text them to 972 975-3195. Please include a brief (or lengthy) description of what the picture is of and the people in it.

E-Mail Submissions:

Please contact us via e-mail. You can send your questions, comments, and requests as well as your stories and pictures to us using this link:  Contact the Webmaster